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Is Axie Infinity accessible?

Is Axie Infinity accessible?

Accessibility is now one of the most significant concerns with axie infinity nft, as well as many other NFT games. Unlike a typical mobile game that can be downloaded and played immediately, Axie Infinity features a lot of stumbling barriers.

To begin with, neither Google Play nor Apple’s App Store have the app. While Android users may sideload the game, iOS users must get it via the Testflight open beta program. The beta, however, is presently filled at the time of writing.

Sky Mavis’s Mavis Hub, however, has builds accessible for Mac OS and Windows.

The second stumbling hurdle is that in order to play axie infinity nft, players must have a starting team of at least three Axies, which must be kept in the player’s Ronin Wallet (the wallet app created by Sky Mavis). As a result, the user must first install Ronin and create an account before linking it to the game.

After you’ve set up your wallet, you have two choices for getting this initial team: buy them or apply for a scholarship. Let’s start with the simplest method of buying.

The axie infinity nft marketplace is where you may buy axies. However, without playing the game, it’s difficult to tell which axes are excellent or valuable, since each has its own set of numbers and powers. This is exacerbated by the fact that axies are excessively costly, beginning at about 0.05 ETH (around $170 USD) for zero breed instances at the time of writing. To play, players will need at least three axes.

The second stumbling hurdle is that axie infinity nft needs wETH, or ‘wrapped Ethereum,’ an ERC20 compliant token that, unlike conventional ETH, may be swapped for dapp (decentralized) tokens.

Because Sky Mavis’s Ronin Wallet utilizes an external exchange source, acquiring wETH is quite simple.

However, in many countries, personal verification is required as part of the know your customer law, which adds an extra step. Adding to the difficulty, despite being licensed by the Financial Services Authority, Department of Play’s UK bank has secretly stopped any card transactions to Ronin’s exchange Ramp.

Is Axie Infinity accessible?

To summarize, playing Axie Infinity necessitates that a completely fresh player:

1. Download and install the axie infinity nft client (or side load it).

2. Open a web browser and download and install Ronin Wallet.

3. Create a Ronin Wallet account.

4. Create an account on Axie Marketplace.

5. Connect your Ronin Wallet to your marketplace account and vice versa.

6. Add wETH to the Ronin Wallet (this may require ID verification and even swapping payment methods).

7. Use the axie infinity nft marketplace to find and purchase three beginning axies, then sync the wallet with the game.

In comparison to even the most hardcore of games, this is a significant price and time investment up front. Unsurprisingly, a huge number of participants are abandoning the process: Axie Infinity’s official account said on August 6, 2021 that it had hit 1 million DAU, but subsequently clarified that axie ownership is still below 1 million, with many individuals installing the app without possessing axies.

The magnitude of the reduction is unclear, but we wouldn’t be shocked if the conversion rate from landing page to playing with owned axies is in the single digits.

Better crypto integration, free proxies, and officialized scholarships are the solutions.

While there are certain immovables in the nature of crypto technology, there are several huge enhancements that might be done to the game’s onboarding funnel. To begin, users should be able to download and play with some sandboxed, off-chain, and entirely free axies (similar to Sky Mavis’ planned soulbound axies). These free axies, rewardless PvP, and some connected free PvE campaigns would enable players to gain a feel for the game and choose which axes are worth investing in, allowing them to avoid the large initial outlay.

Following that, integrating the Ronin Wallet and the axie infinity nft marketplace directly into the game, even if only as webviews, would eliminate the need for players to switch between browser tabs and streamline and tutorialize the entire process of setting up a wallet, marketplace account, and purchasing wETH. Making an in-game flow that isn’t reliant on external tutorials or websites. With NBA Top Shot, Dapper excels at providing a simple onboarding experience.

It’s worth emphasizing that there’s a one-of-a-kind way to avoid a lot of the onboarding costs and headaches: scholarships.

Scholarships are an emergent behavior in the game in which a manager, generally an older player, lends axies to players in exchange for a share of the acquired SLP (e.g. 50/50). The scholarship may sometimes extend beyond simple loaning to a mentorship relationship between the scholar and the management, in which the players are taught how to effectively farm SLP via optimum performance.

Scholarships, on the other hand, are not an official part of the game, but rather an ad hoc arrangement, thus discovering and obtaining one needs some legwork. Introducing and formalizing this twinking behavior into a game, maybe as part of a clan-like feature, would greatly simplify the process of establishing and maintaining scholarship connections for both sides.

These solutions would allow for a much better onboarding process in the end. Players may join without a wallet by using free soulbound Axies, then join a clan scholarship in-game, which prompts them to create a wallet and start earning SLP. Clans would also offer up new possibilities for forming in-game esport-like teams, which could be enhanced with different layered features.

Is Axie Infinity accessible?


Axie Infinity aspires to be an e-sport, hence PvP combat is a big part of the game. These one-on-one games are set up according to a tight Elo rating system. The complexity of the opponent served, as well as the quantity of SLP a player may earn, is determined by his or her rank.

Elo rating methods, on the other hand, are problematic, as we outlined in our matching guide. Elo systems, which were originally developed for chess, alter each player’s rating after each match depending on the match’s result, with points moving between participants.

The reason this is an issue is because Elo is a zero sum game, which means no points are ever generated or destroyed, simply moved. As a result, each player that enters the system is given a score that may be termed “average.” A fresh player joining an Elo system, on the other hand, is quite likely to be much below average. This is especially true in games like axie infinity nft, where a player’s ability to succeed is determined on the resources they provide.

A novice player to axie infinity nft is likely to have low-quality axes in addition to a lack of strategic talent, although they are matched against people with a “average” rating. The rookies suffer a hard losing streak as they acclimate to their correct rating, while the ordinary players have an easy time against them. This is exacerbated by the fact that when the player’s rating drops, they get less SLP on each victory since incentives are tiered by rating.

While PvE does exist, the main rules and opponent species are so unlike that it does not fully train players for PvP. In the end, Axie Infinity’s PvP is unforgivingly harsh and demotivating to new players who have just invested a few hundred bucks in the game. And it’s probably a big reason for turnover and liquidated axies.

Inflationary Rating and Practice Mode are the solutions.

Players must feel not only that they are adequately matched, but also that they are prepared and improving on a regular basis in order to be retained.

As a result, there are two potential improvements to the axie infinity nft experience: inflationary ratings and a PvP practice mode.

Inflationary ratings are a term used to describe the many methods for rating and matching players that do not use zero sum points. Instead, new players enter the system with no points and the assumption that they are the pool’s poorest players. As the game progresses, the players graduate from inflationary points (given more for winning than for losing) to zero sum systems.

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Exceptional Facts about Axie Infinity that you need to know

Exceptional Facts about Axie Infinity that you need to know

An intriguing article of how an online game provides cash comfort to gamers during the covid-19 pandemic.

Have you heard of Axie Infinity and the concept of play-to-earn gaming? During the Pandemic, this fast-growing segment of the gaming sector became a global trend.

It is the first NFT platform to achieve over $1 billion in transaction volume. Testimonies; in the Philippines, Axie Infinity has recently become a mode of exchange/currency for food and other goods. So you’d ask, what exactly is going on here? Is Axie Infinity just a trend in gaming? Is it a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme? Or perhaps a brand-new digital nation, Why should I pay attention to axie gaming?

Well, all the answers to this can be seen in this article. Read on!

Exceptional Facts about Axie Infinity that you need to know

Most Play earns economies have large marketing budgets and skilled teams producing in-game materials. Axie’s creator, Sky Mavis, spends no money on marketing and provides their player base with 95% earnings.

Players own and build Axies — blockchain-based revenue-producing assets — trading and breeding in this Pokemon meet CryptoKitties game.

The game’s creators, Sky Mavis, profit by taking a share every time an Axie is on for trading, as well as a fee when users breed additional Axies.

More than 2 million axies are presently functioning, and the game has produced $1 billion in transactions, making it the first NFT to accomplish so.

Here are some interesting facts about Axie Infinity

1. Axie’s development

Axie was created by Vietnamese game developers and quickly became popular throughout Southeast Asia. Compared to other popular games, Axie Infinity was created by a small group of Vietnamese creators quickly became popular in both Indonesia and the Philippines.

2. Axie’s popularity was a result of widespread job losses.

Axie Infinity existed for a long time, but its popularity skyrocketed in 2020 due to the epidemic. It turns out that the Philippines is home to a perfect storm of unemployed techies who could benefit from Axie’s services.

3. Every user on Axie Infinity receives 95% of Axie’s revenue

Axie’s economy turns the traditional free-to-play model on its head by giving most of the revenue back to the players. Click here to get how axie infinity has become the second largest fee revenue generator.

4. It isn’t a pyramid scheme, but it has the appearance of one.

Axie, unlike a pyramid scheme, provides real value to its members. It appears to be a pyramid from the outside, but the dynamics are more analogous to the growth loop that any fast-growing company loves.

5. The system is growing fast because cryptocurrency is the reward

Of course, many people will earn cryptocurrency one in a million opportunities. Many users who do not have access to a standard bank account already have a bitcoin wallet and are familiar with withdrawing funds. And it is because of this concept the axis community continues to develop.

6. Axie Isn’t the Only Earn-to-Play Game Available

If you’re considering purchasing AXS right now, keep in mind that there are many other crypto games to consider. Axie, on the other hand, stands out since it has had several years to develop its product and community. The initiative began in 2017 and has recently acquired traction, which the team hopes will make replication more difficult.

However, blockchain technologies are transforming, and every successful cryptocurrency initiative seems to be followed by a flood of knockoffs. There’s always the potential that a coin will be superseded quickly by something better.

7. The Top Play-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Is Axie.

Play-to-earn gaming is a relatively new concept, but it’s gaining popularity. These games reward players with cryptocurrency tokens, something they may subsequently exchange for real money on decentralized exchanges. Learn more how to make money in play to earn games.

8. Axie has an extraordinarily high 30-day retention rate of 90%.

Axie players are drawn in by the game’s strategic sophistication and enjoyment, as well as the urge to make money. This strategy leads to an incredible 90 percent retention rate after 30 days, which is unheard of in the gaming business

9. You need three Axies to take part in the game

Yes, the three axies are required to be a part of the games. If you feel AXS tokens will rise in value over time, you’re more inclined to acquire them as an investment. Axie Infinity, on the other hand, is more of a community than an investment vehicle, encouraging token holders to join.

Participation might also be costly, usually when the price of Axies has skyrocketed as a result of Axie Infinity’s success. Before now, a player gets to start with as low as five dollars, but at the moment, the cheapest Axie costs around $200; thus, gamers would need $600 games to play. You’ll need two wallets and a tiny amount of Ethereum to purchase your first Axie (ETH).

10. Axie facilitates the emergence of a profit-sharing mechanism known as Scholarships.

Scholarships are loans given to players who cannot purchase their Axies. This idea was not the intention in the game, but it became apparent due to a bug in their login mechanism. This meta-game structure now accounts for a significant portion of Axie’s growth.

Managers, well-off players, loan a team of three Axies to scholars, who are laborers. These scholars then use the Axies to grind for SLP and other rare items, passing on to the managers. The manager may also provide the scholar with educational resources and mentorship to help them maximize their daily profits.

What does that imply for you? It means that even if you can’t afford to buy three Axies to participate, you can still benefit from the scholarship.

Axie Infinity is causing people to stop their day jobs to play it.

In conclusion, Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game with an internal economy that provides substantial revenue and business prospects to thousands of players in emerging economies. Although, it appears to be an intriguing project in which to invest. However, learning about blockchain gaming, the play-to-earn principle, and supporting rights is good.

Essential methods of playing Axie Infinity

Essential methods of playing Axie Infinity

Using a simple scenario of playing games and earning a lot of money. Yes, that’s what Axie Infinity is all about

Axie Infinity is part of the “play-to-earn” gaming trend, which combines playing games with a cryptocurrency.

The idea came in place in the Philippines during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Their economy, in particular, hard struck as many people were unable to work. As a result, many people resorted to axie infinity game as a source of income, and once the limitations were lifted, they continued to play-to-earn.

How Axie Infinity works

Axie Infinity is a virtual pet community where you can buy Axies and use them to explore fights. Axies can also breed with each other. Sky Mavis, a game company, developed it and worked on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The first step of playing the game involves buying three Axies with Ethereum.

Although the initial purchase of the Axies can cost up to $1,500 in crypt currency, Axie is now working on a lower-cost version of the game that could be made available for free on the Google Play Store App Store(

Essential methods of playing Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis, the founder of Axie Infinity, has created their digital wallet, Ronin, compatible with Axie Infinity. Axies can be purchased once the user has linked their Ronin wallet.

Methods of playing Axie Infinity

There are two effective methods to play the game, requiring you to hunt out two separate assets.

1. SLP

SLP (Smooth Love Potion) is earned by playing adventure games, completing daily missions, and playing adventure games. SLP is a resource that can breed Axies in an infinite amount.

2. AXS

AXS is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum. AXS token holders have governance rights in the game, which means they may decide the game’s future.

If this trend continues, they may buy out Sky Mavis and run a truly decentralized economy in-game.

Also, in the game’s universe, dubbed Lunacia, players can buy virtual pieces of land.

You can either sell your Axies for AXS tokens or search the game for these tokens. These can then be converted to fiat currency, such as the British pound. Learn more how to buy axie infinity (AXS) In UK.

NFTs and axies

It is irreplaceable and unique for any token to be referred to as NFT (non-fungible token). An NFT consists of its unique URL, which makes it Stand out. Even if someone took a screen capture, they wouldn’t replace its unique data identity.

Axie is an NFT.

It is so unique that even while you’re not playing, Axie Infinity allows you to possess that character as the owner of the NFT.

Users using Axie Infinity’s managers and scholars system is one way people have avoided the hefty price of joining.

Managers are people playing the game from inception or those who have amassed a significant collection of Axies. 

Managers give their Axies to players who cannot pay the total purchase price. These academics then use their borrowed Axies to play the game, earning SLP and AXS tokens in the process. In exchange, the manager requests a percentage of their earnings. These tokens can range from ten percent to sixty percent.

Managers and scholars can create ‘guilds’ with other management and scholar teams to tackle complex tasks.

As consumers recognize it as the most cost-effective option to join Axie Infinity, applications to become a scholar has grown in popularity.

Other things to know about Axie Infinity

Restrictions on age

Although Axie Infinity is rated 18+, there is no age verification. When you join up for Axie, you do it using your cryptocurrency wallet, and the suggested wallet, MetaMask, allows users under the age of 18 to do so with parental authorization. This protocol is likewise actual of other cryptocurrency wallets. Keep in mind that if you let your youngster open one of these wallets, they might just sign up to play the game.

Children should not play Axie Infinity because they are especially vulnerable to being exploited by other gamers and may not fully comprehend the ramifications of spending real money.

Variation in value

As with any cryptocurrency-related venture, it’s vital to understand that the value of your currency or NFT might fluctuate dramatically. If the game fails or the value of AXS tokens or Ethereum falls, Sky Mavis is not responsible for any money you lose.

It’s possible to invest a lot of money just to discover that the value of your Axies has dropped, and they’re no longer as profitable as they once were.

The model of the scholar

In principle, Axie Infinity is a simple method to generate a lot of money without leaving home. However, it’s currently prohibitively expensive to join the game unless you enroll as a scholar.

Playing Axie Infinity does not guarantee a job.

While some schools are scared about building a community, others are more c concerned about making a profit. You may end up earning less than minimum wage if your scholar demands a cut of more than half of your earnings from playing.

Scholars are frequently in dangerous circumstances, and profit-driven management might take advantage of this. Click here for more exceptional facts about axie infinity.

Finally, gaming can be a gratifying career if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Now, what else are you waiting for? Don’t waste the chance of adding more money to your income. remember, the best thing to do right now is to rise and do the needful. You have all it takes now to invest in playing this unique game. Countless people are not even aware of this crucial information, and they are making it big. So, I can vividly say that your chance of overtaking those that have gone ahead of you is hundred percent. This article aims at unfolding deep things about Axie Infinity. However, Axie Infinity is unique because it uses cryptocurrency, which is notoriously volatile. Dear reader, I want to assure you that I am always open to receiving and answering questions regarding this topic. Therefore, feel free to drop your question in the comment box.

Challenges to face in playing Axie Infinity

Challenges to face in playing Axie Infinity

There’s absolutely nothing in this world that is free from challenges. Life itself, they say, is full of challenges. Of course, you might have read some things about Axie Infinity. You might have gathered enough information about how Axie Infinity works. I want to inform you that there are challenges to face. I am not here to create fear in you.

I am writing this article to prepare your mind and possibly give you the way out. However, axie gaming is a play-to-earn game. But there are some things that one needs to put in place before playing. There’s no profit without investment. Before one can boldly come out to say, “I made a lot of profit,” then one should be able to come out and say, “I invested .”What am I saying in essence? I am trying to prepare your mind.

If you want to play this game successfully, you need to have an investment mindset. Although Axie Infinity has free-to-play, one should not expect anything less than catching fun alone. You can only face the challenges of crossing or moving to the next level if you play Axie Infinity’s free-to-play, just like other online games. But for those that want to make money via playing this game, there are some things they need to do. And during the cause of investment, there are some challenges they will face if they want to say something good about Axie Infinity. You might be wondering why you need to face some challenges. I could remember vividly while talking with some set of people on Axie Infinity. One of them asked a question that “is it a must for one to face those challenges?” I said yes! Oh! Am I too blunt in my response? Of course, that is how it should be. I wouldn’t like the situation whereby they will nail me when they invest in Axie Infinity and later face some challenges. So, I told them yes, and I also gave them the possible way to overcome those challenges. Click here to check the current price of Axie Infinity.

Therefore, this article is not to push you away from investing. It is a special message of preparing your heart and helping you out if you encounter any challenge. The best thing is what I am doing for you here. A challenge is 90% solved once it is known before it occurs. I hope you understand that.

Hence, below are some of the challenges you will face if you want to invest in Axie Infinity;

  1. Axie Infinity is expensive: If you want to make it big in playing this game, you must be ready to spend a reasonable amount of money to buy Axies in the marketplace. Some people have been tricked into buying cheap Axies. They invested with those cheap Axies, and they end up blaming themselves. In one of my articles about Axie Infinity, I wrote that one should at least prepare nothing less than $600 to start investing in this game. Remember, you’re dealing with cryptocurrency, so the price is not always stable. If someone told you that he bought three Axies for $400 last week, it doesn’t guarantee that you will see it at the same price this week. Ethereum is not always stable. There was a time when a player would invest $300 to purchase three Axies. However, the cost has moved from that. It is now a little bit expensive. So, fluctuation in the price of Axies in the marketplace is a challenge every Axie Infinity’s investors cannot do without. Remember, users must own at least three Axies to start playing this game.
  1. It is not easy to get an existing player: Another way to play this game without investing money is to look for other players who will deem it fit to lend their collection of Axies non-fungible tokens. But it is always difficult to see players willing to lend their Axies. Countless Axies owners have built their teams of sponsored players tasked to play their Axies on their behalf. But seeing those people can be challenging. 
  1. No other accepted payment: Apart from the Ronin wallet created by Axie Infinity, no other crypto wallet can fit in for this game. Also, there’s no chance of switching from one crypto wallet to another. Ethereum is the only accepted payment method. This can be a challenge if a player wish to exchange or change his account to another cryptocurrency wallet. That is one of its limitations, and it can be a challenge for players. All transactions must take place on the Ethereum blockchain. Visit: to get more about Ronin wallet.

How to overcome the above-listed challenges

The only way out is to make up one’s mind that these challenges will occur. In the case of buying the three Axies to start playing Axie Infinity, one can hold on to gather some money before investing in this game since one thing is sure. You will make a huge profit if you compete according to the rule of the game. Remember, I said earlier in my introduction that life is full of challenges. The most powerful way to overcome challenges is to know that challenges will occur. I want to liken it to a business mindset. If you’re going to engage in business, you must have it at the back of your mind that you will face challenges. Learn more essential methods of playing axie Infinity.   

Closing thought

Dear reader, it is expedient for you to know that challenges will occur. And one thing is very vital when it comes to overcoming challenges. The key to overcoming challenges is to know about those challenges. Once you know what you will likely face, then when those things occur, you will encourage yourself and look for a way out. Finally, I want to assure you that I am always open to receiving and answering questions regarding this topic. Therefore, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if there is any. I must welcome your ideas and give you my take concerning your question. Remember, challenges are meant to strengthen you and not tear you apart. Stay strong!