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    Twisted Cooking Mama:

    There's a dark side to Mama's kitchen. Satisfy your blood-lust as you behead, gut, and stuff a turkey while aiming for the coveted "Meaner Than Mama" Score!

      Play Twisted Cooking Mama at Cooking Games Online!Twisted Cooking Mama is a very fun game!
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    Click on "Start Game" button to play, make sure your browser allow popup. After you click "Start Game" there is a window popup, have fun...
    Twisted Cooking Mama
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  • Add Time: 2012-03-03
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    : nicole acero   postime:2013-04-02
    always my mama is like that she know how to cook 
    : aimanrain   postime:2012-11-22
    it so really best 
    : JAcqueline   postime:2012-09-21
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    : Tayla   postime:2012-06-16
    Thats so horrible and cruel!! 
    : jiya   postime:2012-05-28
    very nice 
    : fedgdg   postime:2012-05-25
    : zgkltwt   postime:2012-05-01
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    : hrqieo   postime:2012-04-30
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    : arfkra   postime:2012-04-28
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    : demino   postime:2012-04-28
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