Challenges to face in playing Axie Infinity

There’s absolutely nothing in this world that is free from challenges. Life itself, they say, is full of challenges. Of course, you might have read some things about Axie Infinity. You might have gathered enough information about how Axie Infinity works. I want to inform you that there are challenges to face. I am not here to create fear in you.

I am writing this article to prepare your mind and possibly give you the way out. However, axie gaming is a play-to-earn game. But there are some things that one needs to put in place before playing. There’s no profit without investment. Before one can boldly come out to say, “I made a lot of profit,” then one should be able to come out and say, “I invested .”What am I saying in essence? I am trying to prepare your mind.

If you want to play this game successfully, you need to have an investment mindset. Although Axie Infinity has free-to-play, one should not expect anything less than catching fun alone. You can only face the challenges of crossing or moving to the next level if you play Axie Infinity’s free-to-play, just like other online games. But for those that want to make money via playing this game, there are some things they need to do. And during the cause of investment, there are some challenges they will face if they want to say something good about Axie Infinity. You might be wondering why you need to face some challenges. I could remember vividly while talking with some set of people on Axie Infinity. One of them asked a question that “is it a must for one to face those challenges?” I said yes! Oh! Am I too blunt in my response? Of course, that is how it should be. I wouldn’t like the situation whereby they will nail me when they invest in Axie Infinity and later face some challenges. So, I told them yes, and I also gave them the possible way to overcome those challenges. Click here to check the current price of Axie Infinity.

Therefore, this article is not to push you away from investing. It is a special message of preparing your heart and helping you out if you encounter any challenge. The best thing is what I am doing for you here. A challenge is 90% solved once it is known before it occurs. I hope you understand that.

Hence, below are some of the challenges you will face if you want to invest in Axie Infinity;

  1. Axie Infinity is expensive: If you want to make it big in playing this game, you must be ready to spend a reasonable amount of money to buy Axies in the marketplace. Some people have been tricked into buying cheap Axies. They invested with those cheap Axies, and they end up blaming themselves. In one of my articles about Axie Infinity, I wrote that one should at least prepare nothing less than $600 to start investing in this game. Remember, you’re dealing with cryptocurrency, so the price is not always stable. If someone told you that he bought three Axies for $400 last week, it doesn’t guarantee that you will see it at the same price this week. Ethereum is not always stable. There was a time when a player would invest $300 to purchase three Axies. However, the cost has moved from that. It is now a little bit expensive. So, fluctuation in the price of Axies in the marketplace is a challenge every Axie Infinity’s investors cannot do without. Remember, users must own at least three Axies to start playing this game.
  1. It is not easy to get an existing player: Another way to play this game without investing money is to look for other players who will deem it fit to lend their collection of Axies non-fungible tokens. But it is always difficult to see players willing to lend their Axies. Countless Axies owners have built their teams of sponsored players tasked to play their Axies on their behalf. But seeing those people can be challenging. 
  1. No other accepted payment: Apart from the Ronin wallet created by Axie Infinity, no other crypto wallet can fit in for this game. Also, there’s no chance of switching from one crypto wallet to another. Ethereum is the only accepted payment method. This can be a challenge if a player wish to exchange or change his account to another cryptocurrency wallet. That is one of its limitations, and it can be a challenge for players. All transactions must take place on the Ethereum blockchain. Visit: to get more about Ronin wallet.

How to overcome the above-listed challenges

The only way out is to make up one’s mind that these challenges will occur. In the case of buying the three Axies to start playing Axie Infinity, one can hold on to gather some money before investing in this game since one thing is sure. You will make a huge profit if you compete according to the rule of the game. Remember, I said earlier in my introduction that life is full of challenges. The most powerful way to overcome challenges is to know that challenges will occur. I want to liken it to a business mindset. If you’re going to engage in business, you must have it at the back of your mind that you will face challenges. Learn more essential methods of playing axie Infinity.   

Closing thought

Dear reader, it is expedient for you to know that challenges will occur. And one thing is very vital when it comes to overcoming challenges. The key to overcoming challenges is to know about those challenges. Once you know what you will likely face, then when those things occur, you will encourage yourself and look for a way out. Finally, I want to assure you that I am always open to receiving and answering questions regarding this topic. Therefore, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if there is any. I must welcome your ideas and give you my take concerning your question. Remember, challenges are meant to strengthen you and not tear you apart. Stay strong!