Considering the risks of nft games free to play

NFTs, or non fungible tokens, were all the rage in 2021, with NFTs ranging from famous internet memes to the source code of the World Wide Web fetching millions of dollars. NFT games have been there since the launch of CryptoKitties in 2017, but their adoption in the mainstream gaming business has been a contentious issue. While big game creators have indicated interest in cryptocurrency and nft games free to play, numerous players have raised fears that the introduction of NFTs may result in the commercialization of gaming time.

NFT games now provide NFT virtual game territory, NFT game characters, virtual game add-ons such as NFT character skins, and even the opportunity to appear in the game as an NPC. The value of these nft games free to play, on the other hand, is only as high as the game’s popularity and durability. NFTs are seen by some as little more than novelty features introduced to popular NFT games in order for publishers and developers to generate more money by selling gamers exclusivity and game ownership.

Despite the fact that numerous NFT games producers have assured players that their game is backed by low-energy blockchain technologies, many have questioned the necessity for an environmentally hazardous technology, particularly when it offered no actual value to the game.

Last week, Peter Molyneux, the creator of the god game genre — in which players are in charge of a large-scale game with autonomous characters to protect and influence — and developers 22cans Studio announced that they were working on the first ever Blockchain Business Sim called Legacy. In Legacy, players must create products and buildings from thousands of available parts in the game. “It’s all in your hands now. Every industry, every worker, every decoration, every road, every home… You are the one who created and cared for them all. It’s a universe where every choice you make has an impact on the game you’re playing “In a blog post, the creators said.

Players must acquire virtual game land using NFTs in order to form their own in-game blockchain ‘business organization.’ Players who own a business association will get access to ‘Legacy Keys,’ which may be leased to those who wish to launch their own in-game enterprises, thereby turning them into in-game business partners. They will share a percentage of their earned ‘LegacyCoin’ with the player as part of their agreement.

LegacyCoin is a new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that may be used to buy Legacy Keys for lending and trading in the game economy, as well as to buy unique game item NFTs. It may be obtained via a variety of competitive events in where players’ “design talents and town management will be put to the test against other players for leaderboard positions and large rewards.”

Despite the fact that the game isn’t due out until 2022, Rock Paper Shotgun says that developer 22cans has already sold NFTs of virtual land valued about £40 million for actual money in less than a week. “All of the ‘Land’ plots sold thus far have sold for more than 14,000 Ethereum, or roughly £40.5 million in actual money. The most costly was a London plot, which sold for the equivalent of almost £670,000 in a limited edition of one at Ancient (artificial) rarity “According to the article.

Considering the risks of nft games free to play

Players that buy this virtual land become virtual landlords, seeking to recoup their investment via in-game business relationships with other players. “The potential to profit from ‘LegacyCoin’ is predicated on both the game being launched in 2022 as planned, and on people actually purchasing and playing it,” according to the paper.

Given what occurred with Evolved Apes, an NFT-based fighting game, this prerequisite is critical when investing in NFT games. As NFTs, the game gave players a selection of 10,000 distinct game characters or apes who would be “locked within a lawless area, struggling for life, only the strongest ape would win,” according to the game’s description.

However, less than a week after the project’s announcement, the developer identified only as Evil Ape fled, taking with him the funds earned during the NFT auction as well as the project’s official Twitter account and website. The funds were expected to go toward the game’s development and marketing. According to Vice, Evil Ape syphoned 798 ether ($2.7 million) from the project’s money in various transactions, leaving evidence on the blockchain.

Choose NFT games that include a play-to-earn feature.

As previously stated, not all NFT games follow the same set of rules and mechanics. Make sure you pick a play-to-earn model while playing the NFT games.

You may choose from a variety of NFT games, including the well-known Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Sorare fantasy football, and any other NFT game. These are the finest options you have if you want to generate money from a game.

Learn about the game’s mechanics and market requirements.

The amount of money or NFT you want to earn is determined by how other players value and earn cryptocurrencies in the game.

If you can guarantee that, you can generate money on your own by selling or exchanging products at a market or an auction house.

Considering the risks of nft games free to play

Recognize the Sources of Value

You must understand where the value originates from in order to ensure that you can earn anything from the game you choose.

The value is determined by the token’s collectability or its in-game usage. As a result, you may make educated guesses based on such information.

Take care not to lose money or NFTs.

Even if you’re playing this game to make money or NFTs, you might still lose money. Keep an eye out for it.

Do not be concerned if you lose your money throughout the game. It doesn’t always imply you’re being conned.

Money fluctuates due to market factors, but the value of NFTs is determined by the value that individuals put on them.

Apart from that, if we’re talking about NFT games, you should be cautious and safeguard them as much as possible. Because the value of NFT games is really high.


This post has now provided you with the solution to the question of how to play NFT games. Even so, you should study the game’s rules or mechanics before playing it to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Have fun with the game.