How to really enjoy Axie Infinity

The game (desktop/mobile) is being downloaded.

The game is accessible as an APK file for both PC and Android mobile phones; the iOS version is presently unavailable. Players may get the necessary files from the official website and use their in-game account to log in.

In Axie Infinity, what can you do?

In the present edition of the game, there are three primary activities you may do: adventure, arena, and breeding. In order to participate in adventure and arena game types, players must have a team of three Axies. Before beginning the game types, the player must choose a team.

In axie infinity game, the player versus environment (PvE) mode is called Adventure. The game mode enables players to get more comfortable with their Axies and their skill sets. In this mode, players may earn experience points and level up their Axies. The level of their Axies, on the other hand, does not transfer over to the arena mode and is just for fun.

Arena Arena is the game’s player versus player (PvP) mode and the game’s main emphasis. Players are paired with others based on their matchmaking ranking (MMR). Winning raises your MMR, while losing lowers it. Arena awards SLP tokens to the winner, and mAXS tokens to those who finish in the top 300,000 of all participants at the conclusion of each season (1000 mAXS = 1 AXS). The top of the leaderboard will get 203.147 AXS ($12.1K) for the current season, season 20.

How to really enjoy Axie Infinity


Unlike typical games, in which game producers create and sell in-game objects to players, Axies are made by the players and exchanged between themselves. Axies are made by mating two Axies with the appropriate quantities of AXS and SLP tokens. Each Axie may only be bred seven times, and it cannot be bred with another Axie from the same parents. The offspring’s result is determined by the parents’ characteristics, and players may calculate the likelihood of a given outcome using third-party breeding calculators like Axie Zone.

There were 99K Axies bred and 5.3k new Axie holders at the peak on September 24, 2021. Since then, the amount has reduced to roughly 6.5K Axies every day, with 100-200 new Axie holders per day. This is mostly due to the playerbase and meta stabilizing, resulting in a decreased demand for new Axies and a reduction in fresh supply.

Axie Dashboards are updated on a daily basis.

You may be interested in checking out the game after reading this far, but you don’t want or can’t justify the expense of purchasing a team of three Axies to get started. You’re not alone in this, as the Axie community has devised a method for players to enjoy the game without having to invest any money up front.

Scholarships are a temporary remedy in these situations. They are community-run programs that lend a player a squad of Axies in return for a portion of the player’s in-game cash. Players interested in applying for scholarships may do so through the axie infinity game discord channel or by contacting certain programs directly. Yield Guild Games and Loot Squad are two examples of credible scholarship programs.

New players will be offered starting teams in the future (Origin update) to enable them to test out the game before making a financial commitment.

How to really enjoy Axie Infinity

What does the future hold for Axie Infinity?

The V3 upgrade, commonly known as Axie Infinity: Origin, is the next significant update that everyone has been anticipating. Origin will overhaul a large section of the game, including improved visuals and gaming mechanics, among other things. The team hopes to have axie infinity game published on both the Android and iOS app stores so that more people may play the game on their phones.

Axie Infinity will get additional gaming options with the addition of land gameplay, which is planned later this year. It allows for real-world PvE conflicts and strategic group engagements, making the game more social. Players will soon be able to create their own unique experiences on top of their property, allowing others to create new unique experiences as well. Source:

Sky Mavis has created a builders program to reward community builders that are interested in creating Axie-related projects and mini-games, in true Web3 form. This allows the community to contribute to the development and growth of axie infinity game, as well as provide new game modes for other players to try out. Axie WarKart is an example of a mini-game under development.


Axie Infinity is the industry leader in blockchain gaming, with a devoted following. Sky Mavis continues to expand and provide new experiences to its users. New mechanisms will be unlocked in future releases, allowing for more immersive experiences to be created not only by the team, but also by the community. 

This modification enables players to become contributors and elevates the game – consider how popular Instagram stories got in comparison to Snapchat once users were given the ability to design filters. We’re merely touching the surface of what’s possible, and axie infinity game’s future will be controlled and owned by its users.

Axie Infinity led the charge and proved that there’s massive potential and product-market fit for the integration of blockchain technology in gaming. The integration of blockchain with games has given rise to a new paradigm in gaming: Play-and-earn. 

Play-and-earn is a concept that allows players to earn money as they play games. While gaming has traditionally created economic value, this value is acquired exclusively by game makers. Players may only get intangible advantages from gaming — entertainment, a feeling of camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment, for example. By using NFTs and/or cryptocurrencies for in-game objects, gamers gain control and ownership over their possessions. They may easily trade or cash out of the game, in sharp contrast to contemporary games, where real-world commerce is sometimes prohibited by the game’s terms of service.

Feel free to go through this article again for proper understanding. NFT gaming is the next big thing and it just started budding.